Atlas From the Streets to the Ring A Son's Struggle to

Atlas From the Streets to the Ring A Son's Struggle to

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  1. Sunny Sunny says:

    Another ridiculously good boxing book Teddy Atlas wasn’t a professional boxer himself but he had a tough tough youth and was under the aegis of the one and only Cus D’Amato who guided mike Tyson’s early career Teddy was one of Tyson’s first ever trainers but that all changed when Tyson “touched up” one of Teddy’s wife’s younger sisters aged 11 and in response teddy who was very young himself at the time put a gun to mike’s head and threatened to kill him Teddy’s father was a respected doctor in the New York area and a huge influence in teddy’s own life The opening line of the book is a one sentence eulogy in the memory of his father and the impact that his father had on his life once when teddy had got into a fight and had a bar crack half his head open he rushed to his father’s AE clinic but his father who had told teddy not to get involved with the wrong crowd made him wait his turn and was seen to after 3 hours had passed and he had lost a considerable amount of blood He then stitched him up without using any local anaesthetic Teddy would take the likes of Mike Tyson and other young boxers Mike was 12 going on 32 when he first met him into the Bronx to fight on certain nights and on one occasion had Mike signed up to fight against another fighter As you may expect the fight ended in favour of young Mike but the punch that knocked out his opponent was hit so hard that people in the crowd heard a staccato of 4 clear and distinct sounds 1 was the impact of the punch on the afro headed black opponent mike was facing Second was the sound of his mouth guard flying out and hitting one of the walls of the relatively small hall where this amateur fight had taken place Thirdly and incredibly was THE SOUND OF THE SWEAT AS IT LEFT THE AFRO HEADED POOR YOUTHS HEAD AND SUELCHED AGAINST ONE OF THE BACK WALL Yes you read that right the punch was thrown so hard that the sweat rung off of the unfortunate man’s head and slammed against one of the side walls The fourth sound was the sound of his body hitting the ground Unbelievable Tyson was only about 15 at the time and his opponent was in his late 20s I believe Teddy injured his back so took up training and after some relatively good professional boxers the book goes into his on off relationship with Michael Moorer Moorer went on to defeat Evander Holyfield and become of the world heavyweight champions If you look at the YouTube clips of Teddy Atlas working with Moorer in the corner between rounds of that fight with Holyfield you have a very interesting example of motivational speaking Aggressive and to the point and not for everyone but it’s exactly what Moorer needed He won the fight but eventually lost to a 44 year old George foreman to a punch that Teddy had been warning Moorer about for months leading up to the fight itself I could go on recounting about another 3040 interesting episodes and incidences in this extraordinary man’s life but will allow you to read the book itself Highly recommended if you are a sports fan or not

  2. Kym Robinson Kym Robinson says:

    I find that Atlas is a guy that those who have never fought seem to gobble up his every word I do not dislike Teddy but I find that he seems to celebrate himself a lot than those who have employed him seem to I think this book is a worthwhile read and will help you to understand and appreciate the man some but the book seems to avoid some fights and moments that one would prefer to read about while it goes into detail about incidents that are less than interesting to a fight fan For example the training of Willem Defoe sure this is a fun trivia point but I felt a bit too much was spent on this eventIn any case I do suggest fight and Teddy fans to read this book I am glad I read it but I was not overly impressed with it and did not complete it with a feeling I gained any extra knowledge or insight from this book 45 %

  3. Brig Brig says:

    Damn this book was good At least one part of this book needs to be a filmWhat an incredible life What an interesting character study What an awesome experience listening to Teddy read it himself

  4. Lance Lance says:

    How does a man thats a cold hearted criminal decide to change his life around by teaching boxing to younger audiences in the city of New York? It's ironic how people don't change their ways when there young but decide to change later on in life when karma really hits them Atlas written by Teddy Atlas which is the main character and Peter AlsonIt has so much struggle but motivational meanings behind everything and how it doesn't matter where you come from or your situations you can still accomplish your dreams if you work hard This memoir takes place in one the worst toxic families a person could havewhen your dad doesn't care for you and a mother that is fed up with everything and starts to consume alcohol daily His father is a doctor and once Teddy got punched in a fight his father didn't want him to get painkillers he wanted him to get all 198 stitches that he deserved “Of all the people who have affected my life and influenced the choices I've made none has been important than my father” Teddy's troublesome youth led him to his first arrest which was a robbery at a bar that him to Rikers Island one of the most dangerous prisons in New York In the prison Teddy must know to defend himself and he see that crimes aren't worth it Teddy starts to change his ways and begins to teach boxing for troubled youth like him “Some of them came to the gym because they didn't have any fathers or they came from rough situations”48 Teddy's world changes around when he meets 12 year old Mike Tyson and one of his partners that introduced him D’amto which says that this kid would be the best heavyweight champion you'll ever get to meet and train Teddy is fascinated and inspired when he see that the 200 pound boy could punch like a full grown man at the age of only 12 and could box like a professional too These characters go different routes eventually but they come back together later on when the championships takes placeI would have to recommend this book to not only boxers but to people who need motivation People who look for inspiration and want to experience success Like Teddy Atlas he is tough honest and wise which is why this book inspires me It's a lot than just boxing it's a story about hard times and having the compassion to help those in need Not only is it about being the best is that everyone is capable of being the best they can possibly be

  5. Levas Levas says:

    There is a recurring theme in books or memoirs of ex fighters or ex athletes or trainers etc Importance of training one's mind If there is fear endurance concentration involved in your activities mind is the weapon Body is important as well but body training follows mind training and not the other way around It is particularly easy to sit on a sofa with a book in your hands read about all the mental toughness and regime that is described in these books It is not easy to do that mental physical training though Easy to read and think difficult to go and do But going and doing is far important as well This is the aftermath after Teddy Atlas' book I did not uite like it fully Especially that always right honest and knowing what's best attitude Well he is right about all the situations most of the time but that righteousness gives a slightly bitter taste on what would otherwise be an excellent book; excellent memoir of a great trainer who was at least partly responsible for Mike Tyson's career and who raised a bunch of other great kids possibly great human beings and great boxers as well

  6. Dennis Dennis says:

    A very interesting read about one of the most outspoken and influential trainers in boxing about his ups and downs his relations to various people and the one thing that he arguably values the most loyalty Truly an inspiring story However exactly these interactions are the one reason why I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone Most figures Teddy encounters have something to do with boxing And while Mike Tyson is a name everyone is familiar with Lou Duva or Marvin Hagler do not ring a bell if you're not a fan of the sweet science In the book sadly not every person is explained in such a matter as Cus D'amato is for example so readers not familiar with boxing might be left stumbling in the dark

  7. Wanna Be Reader & Writer Wanna Be Reader & Writer says:

    It's been a long time since I read this but I can recall loving this book Love him or hate him Teddy Atlas is one of the smartest boxing heads in the game today this book gave an in depth insight as to many of the psychological obstacles that we face in and out the ring You will find out about Teddy's difficult upbringing the admiration he had for his father the George Foreman fight his early days training with Cus D'Amatto we also get stories from the young Mike Tyson days this includes the infamous gun incident Would recommend it for boxing fans fight fans boxers or anybody in general

  8. Cruz Ramos Cruz Ramos says:

    I really enjoyed this book As a boxing coach myself from time to time find myself getting frustrated with some of my students Teddy showed me that it’s no different in the professional ranks but if you see something in someone sometimes you just have to trust your gut Great read

  9. Dana Hall Dana Hall says:

    Read it ten years ago It had such an effect I bought it again and read it again recently I have given this book away as gifts It is not for everyone But there are some who need to read it I was one of them

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    35 I can't say this is a book I'd pick up on my own but it was an interesting book club selection and I enjoyed parts of it very much

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Atlas From the Streets to the Ring A Son's Struggle to Become a Man [Ebook] ➥ Atlas From the Streets to the Ring A Son's Struggle to Become a Man By Teddy Atlas – Of all the people who have affected by my life and influence the choices I've made none has been important than my fatherSo begins the autobiography of legendary boxing trainer and commentator Teddy A Of all the people the Streets MOBI · who have affected by my life and influence the choices I've made none has been important than my fatherSo begins the autobiography of legendary boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas who grew from the rebellious son of a doctor to a man who embraces and lives by his father's values Atlas From PDF/EPUB ² and codeIn this gritty spellbinding tale Atlas recounts his fascinating life as a juvenile delinuent on the streets of Staten Island; as a boxer and Golden Gloves champion under the tutelage of famed trainer Cus D'Amato; as a companion to the dangerous unpredictable Sammy the Bull Gravano up until the day Gravano turned rat and From the Streets PDF/EPUB Â brought down crime boss John Gotti; and as a trainer of champions and contenders among them fourteen year old Mike Tyson and heavyweight Michael Moorer whom he led to the crown with a win over Evander HolyfieldEually engrossing are Teddy Atlas's accounts of training dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp for her successful comeback at age From the Streets to the ePUB Ò forty two; his work with actor Willem Dafoe preparing From the Streets to the ePUB Ò him for his role as a concentration camp boxer in the film Triumph of the Spirit; his journey to Poland to choreograph the film's boxing scenes; and his own performance in movies such as Play It to the Bone In sharing his stories Atlas reveals the philosophy by which he livesLike Teddy Atlas inimitable tough honest and wise this book inspires It is about so much than boxing It is a story of overcoming hardships of compassion for those in need of tremendous personal integrity and of personal and professional triumph.