Part fact, part fiction, Tyehimba Jess s much anticipated second book weaves sonnet, song, and narrative to examine the lives of mostly unrecorded African American performers directly before and after the Civil War up to World War I Olio is an effort to understand how they met, resisted, complicate

Trombone Shorty

Hailing from the Trem neighborhood in New Orleans, Troy Trombone Shorty Andrews got his nickname by wielding a trombone twice as long as he was high A prodigy, he was leading his own band by age six, and today this Grammy nominated artist headlines the legendary New Orleans Jazz Fest Along with

The Jazz of Physics: The Secret Link Between Music and the Structure of the Universe

More than fifty years ago, John Coltrane drew the twelve musical notes in a circle and connected them by straight lines, forming a five pointed star Inspired by Einstein, Coltrane put physics and geometry at the core of his music n nPhysicist and jazz musician Stephon Alexander follows suit, using

Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways to Listen in an Age of Musical Plenty

What does it mean to listen in the digital era Today, new technologies make it possible to roam instantly and experimentally across musical languages and generations, from Detroit techno to jam bands to baroque opera or to dive deeper into the set of tastes that we already have Either way, we can

Bird & Diz

An award winning author and a Caldecott Medalist improvise a playful tribute to the creators of bebop Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.When sax player Charlie Bird Parker and trumpeter John Dizzy Gillespie make music together, they toss notes back and forth like a game of tag and chase each ot